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FFSLOTS is the world's easiest and most exciting fantasy football game, where you build a weekly lineup in minutes, by simply spinning the fantasy football slot machine.
  • FREE to play!
  • Win Weekly Cash Prizes and Overall Season Cash Prizes
  • Build a team by spinning the fantasy football slot machine and evaluating 3 players at a time. Only players from teams not on bye will be available
  • Spin up to 5 times per position.
  • After all the games are played, check the Leaderboard to see where you rank
  • Create your own league and invite your friends to play
  • Submit up to 3 lineups per week.
  • Players will remain on your team for each round of the Playoffs and through the Super Bowl. You don't get penalized for using a player on a bye in Round 1. The user with the highest total combined points for each round of the playoffs and Super Bowl will win this year's contest.
  • Playoff Note: The deadline to enter a roster for the Playoffs is Saturday January 6 at 4:25pm ET.
How to build a roster:

1.  Select a position

2.  Click "Spin Reels" and the system will select and display three random players at the selected position.

3.  When you want to keep the current players, click "Lock Players". Once you lock your players in, you can not spin for that position again. If you don't lock any players, your final spin will automatically be locked in.

4.  When your roster is completed, you will be prompted to save it. You must save your roster in order to be placed in the standings and be eligible for prizes.