Spin To Win: Week 8

Spin to Win is FFSlots.com's virtual weekly game show, where our own awesome host Melanie challenges you to play against her weekly lineup at FFSlots.com. It's simple: each Saturday at midnight, 3 players are randomly chosen to go up against Melanie in Spin to Win. If you are chosen and beat Melanie, you win $50. Look for your lineup on FFSlots.com's Slots TV page on Sunday Morning, and if you are lucky enough to play versus Melanie, listen to your name on FFSlots.com's game show Spin to Win that week.

This week, Melanie takes on decepticons 3, CHAMPS-LIKE-US, and Big Boys

Click on the team names to view their matchup against Melanie

Team Points
Melanie 0.00
(Larry M) 0.00
(Michael S) 0.00
(Eddie M) 0.00


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